Customized Plastic POM Wheel Gear, Machinery Special Gear


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Customized Plastic POM Wheel Gear, Machinery Special Gear

This product, a customized plastic POM wheel gear and machinery special gear, finds wide application in various industries. It is commonly used in motors, electric cars, motorcycles, machinery, marine equipment, toys, agricultural machinery, cars, and domestic appliances. The gear is made from POM (Polyformaldehyde), a high-density, high-crystalline, and linear polymer engineering plastic known for its excellent properties. POM is often referred to as “Plastic Steel” due to its wear-resistance, high hardness, anti-impregnant, good rigidity, chemical stability, isolation resistance, and dimensional stability.

The gear is manufactured using the cut gear method, resulting in a bevel wheel shape with a hardened tooth surface. Its material composition includes POM/Delrin, which ensures durability and performance. The gear can be customized according to specific requirements.

Advantages of the plastic POM wheel gear include high mechanical strength, high hardness, good wear-resistance, low coefficient of friction, and ease of maintenance. It can be used as a replacement for copper half stalks and planet gears in automotive industries, providing cost savings and improved service life. In electronic and electric industries, it offers lower power consumption, high dielectric strength, insulation resistance, and electronic arc resistance. The gear also finds applications in agricultural machines, pharmaceutical and packing machines, and construction industries.

Data Sheet of POM:
– Density: 1.41 g/cm3 (POM-C), 1.43 g/cm3 (POM-H), 1.50 g/cm3 (POM-H+PTFE)
– Tensile strength: 68 MPa (POM-C), 78 MPa (POM-H), 55 MPa (POM-H+PTFE)
– Tensile modulus of elasticity: 3100 MPa (POM-C), 3600 MPa (POM-H), 3200 MPa (POM-H+PTFE)
– Rockwell hardness: M84 (POM-C), M88 (POM-H), M84 (POM-H+PTFE)

Product Details:
– Model: Plastic gear pinion
– Material: POM/Derlin/Acetal (customizable)
– Diameter: 5-200mm (customizable)
– Length: 500mm, 1000mm (customizable)
– Color: White, Black, Natural, Rice Yellow Brown, etc.
– Certification: ISO9001, SGS, FDA, RoHS, Test Report, etc.
– Free Sample: Available
– Density: 1.6g/cm2
– Shape: Sheet, rod, tube, gear, pulley, guide rail, etc. (customizable)
– Packing: Plastic bags, Cartons, Wooden case, Pallet, Container, etc.
– Advantage: One-stop procurement

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